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Stolen bicycle retrieved.

Here you see those bikes which are back to the owner. If your bicycle is stolen, this page is to reassure you. Not any bike thief is a professional. A lot of them have simply a less intelligence quotient, and problems to understand what is mine and what is yours. After use they drop the bike off somewhere.

Date of
City Text
25.08..... Ha... Kind of bike: Mountainbike 26"
Where was it stolen: Ha...
When was it stolen: October 23, ..... between 11.30 h - 12.30 h
Color: Blue/black, white letters
Number of bicycle frame: SF...
Manufacturer/type: BULLS / Comp Disc 5.00
Other characteristics: Aluminium, front disc brakes, rear rim brake, quick release saddle, derailleur 24 gears Shimano, suspension seat post, FCScoded
Theft protection: Steel lock from ABUS around the frame and an attachment set in concrete, FCS-CODE H...
E-mail address: Picture: Mailing address (unreadable)
Foto: Picture: Bicycle, Type: BULLS / Comp Disc 5.00

Hello dear operater of this web side, I just want to inform you, that the bike, what we registered on your web side (25.08.....) is appeared from nowhere. After my sister in law saw it in H... in december, we went through this area very often at all our spare time. On 14 th december abruptly we saw our bike and pursued the thief. We padalled afterwards the thief in a short distance, and we saw him disappearing behind a front door. So we called the police to help us. The police officers rang the electric door bell and checked the frame number of the bike. And behold, it was in fact our mountain bike. That bloke argued, that he had bought it for 150 from one, who works alongside him. Regards and keep at it! Family E...



Kind of bike:

Racing bike, 28"
Where was it stolen: Gi...
When was it stolen: Between December 2, ..... 22.00 h and December 3, ..... 20.00 h
Color: Black/purple
Number of bicycle frame: unknown
Manufacturer/type: Kildemoes Cobra
Other characteristics: Racing saddle, straight handlebar, brake lever "from the outside to the inside / quasi the wrong way", two carriers ESGE aluminium v/h, changed rear wheel "thick hub", a spiral lock with a broken key from Trelok and a black spiral lock no name, construction year of the bike: 1991
Theft protection: Unfortunately not secured, leaned at the wall of a house, hidden by a mailbox stand.
E-mail address: Picture: Mailing address (unreadable)

It was right unspectacular. On saturday evening there was a party thrown in the apartment building. One of the guests thought, that it would be more comfortable, to take a bike for the way home. But he failed to inform me, the unknown owner of the loan. So that I was very astonished, as I came home on tuesday in the evening and decided the recurrence of the bicycle. Due to the fact that I have made a report by the police the "guest" has to deal with the thievery furthermore, because it is not possible to cancel the report by the police. So it was said in the local police station. I will not follow up that affair anymore, simply because I am so happy to have back my beloved bike. If just everybody would be so honest like this thief, oh well at least half of it. With kind regards, Mr. Me...


Pu... i. I..., commuter train station

Kind of bike:

Youth bike, 24"
Where was it stolen: Pu...
When was it stolen: November 21, ..... between 07.00 h - 14.00 h
Color: Blue
Number of bicycle frame: SJ...
Manufacturer/type: Stratos Cheetah
Other characteristics: Derailleur 24 gears, dynamo-powered lighting, black mudguards, black carrier, frames of 35 cm
Theft protection: Fixed with a chain and a padlock
E-mail address: Picture: Mailing address (unreadable)

In the meantime, the bike was found and is turned over to me. The theft report is cancelled as well.

The bicycle stood around in the middle of Pu... (church square) unobstructed at a wall.

Before, we had put up a lot of slips of paper, and possibly the thief got scruple.

I should say, such web sides, like yours, has to be published much more. It will fundamental frighten off potential thieves.

With kind regards, Ra... Hu...


An... i. I..., S-Bahnhof

Kind of bike:
Mountainbike 26"
Where was it stolen: An...
When was it stolen: July 21, ..... between 03.00 h - 06.00 h
Color: black-red-blue
Number of bicycle frame: 16 ...
Manufacturer/type: Trek 4500 modell 2003
Other characteristics: Derailleur 24 gears (Shimano), RockShoxx, suspension fork, clip on mudguards
Theft protection: Unfortunately unsecured, because I had no lock present.
E-mail address: Picture: Mailing address (unreadable)
Foto: Picture: Bicycle, Type: Trek 4500 / 2003

Fortunately, the bike appeared after a few days. It stood in the street in the middle of the city.

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